Stand By Your Man

By  Sherita Wallace | Apr 9, 2015

As I pushed my weary thigh muscles up and down the inclined elliptical, a video popped on the flat screen anchored on the overhead platform of the gym ceiling. The screen flashed a video of an unarmed black male being shot in the back as he fled (I mean, ran) from a police officer. I don't

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It’s Not Too Late

By  Sean Alleyne | Mar 13, 2015

Alfred B. Nobel is the founder of the Nobel Prizes. Like most people, I knew of the Nobel Prizes, particularly the Nobel Peace Prize; however, I didn’t know their origin or the reason they were created. According to my research, Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) made his fortune by producing

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15 Prayers for Your Wife

By  Pastor Boone | Feb 5, 2015

Men! Your wife needs prayer just as much as you do! The bible tells husbands to love their wives just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her. Ephesians 5:25. It's a man's duty to love his wife, and praying for her is an act of love. Your prayers help provide a covering of

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The Daniel’s Fast – What, Why & How

By  Sherita Wallace | Jan 22, 2015

The Daniel’s Fast is one of many fasts mentioned in the bible. I have noticed two popular forms of the Daniel’s Fast, both distinguished by the length of time Daniel chose to fast. In Daniel 1:12, we find Daniel making an appeal to fast for 10 days. However, in Daniel 10:2-3, Daniel refrained

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Christmas: God Revealed

By  Pastor Boone | Dec 18, 2014

Although Jesus' presence is constant and available, many of us tend to lose Him in the haze that we call the Christmas season. Often we, believers, are taught that the major significance of Christmas is baby Jesus being born in a manger. The main emphasis is placed on celebrating Christ’s birth.

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Be Thankful – Even in Tough Times

By  Brother Aaron | Nov 24, 2014

I ran across an interesting statistic this past week. It simply stated that the Pilgrims made seven times as many graves as they did huts to live in. Yet, they still set aside a day to give thanks to Almighty God.This Thursday families will travel many miles to be with each other on Thanksgiving Day.

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